Wordlegs Want Your “Post Tiger” Stories.


[Image from indymedia]

The good people of wordlegs are putting the session into the recession during the 10 days in Dublin Festival with a showcase of ‘Post Tiger Stories’ in the Workman’s Club. The chosen pieces will also be featured in a limited-time issue of wordlegs for the duration of the festival (July 4th — 13th).

Submissions open on May 24th and although called ‘Post Tiger Stories’, are not limited to prose:  “Poetry, creative non fiction, flash, one act plays, ‘other’ experimental literary pieces will be accepted too under usual wordlegs guidelines.”

In the run-up to the submission period, they’ve been providing daily writing prompts on their facebook page, some of which are included below:

  • Write a short story, poem, flash, script, experimental or non fiction piece based on: “You’ll never guess who/what I saw in the dole queue earlier…”
  • Modernize a Celtic mythological hero.
  • Write a story (or poem etc.) about your hometown/city using only the future tense.
  • The Day Katie Taylor Won Gold.
  • The Immigrants/ The Emigrants.
  • Write a list of sensual details from a trip to the forest/bog/sea/mountains. What do you see, hear, smell, taste, touch? Use the list to write a new piece.
  • What were the positive outcomes of the Celtic Tiger on Irish society? Brainstorm a list of 10 then choose the one that interests you most to develop and base a piece on.

If the prompts aren’t inspiration enough, get in the zone by blasting this from your speakers while shadow-boxing with one hand and writing immense epicness with the other:


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