Telmetale Bloomnibus at the Irish Writers’ Centre


It was an honour to take part in this pre-Bloomsday event on Friday evening in the Irish Writers’ Centre. I was nervous about reading, especially when I heard that the event would be live-streamed via Breac — giving me the potential to publicly embarrass myself on a global scale — but I managed to get through it without fainting or spontaneously-combusting. Hurrah! It was a really enjoyable evening. I met some lovely fellow writers and it was fascinating to see the different approaches each participant took in using the chapter titles from Ulysses as inspiration.

A big thank you to Clodagh Moynan, Gareth Humphreys, Carrie King and June Caldwell of the Irish Writers’ Centre for putting it together.

An ebook containing the stories is available to purchase via Amazon for the bargaintastic price of £1.99. Below is an extract from Clodagh Moynan’s editorial to whet the appetite:

A Telmetale Bloomnibus is an epic tale, which takes us on a mind trip across Dublin. Guided by love, lust, alcohol, drugs and ever-present moons, our heroes and heroines battle scangie-gangies in Adidas, hooded drug pushers, administrators, chauvinistic school principals, tourists, junkies, priests, giant cannibals and catholic computers. We wake up handcuffed to beds, sanitary towels on the kitchen table and encounter a Dublin where stealing laptops is the new stealing bread. A Telmetale Bloomnibus embraces both the beautiful and the obscene. 


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