Short Story Writers, Your New Bearded-Monkey Best Friend Awaits.


The wonderful Leah Carri (pictured above)* alerted me to this pretty amazing writing competition from the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in Bali.

The Long Way Home, Asia-Europe Short Story Contest is now accepting short stories of up to 800 words. First prize includes accommodation to attend the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival (Ooh!) and ca$h money (Aah!). Here’s what they’re looking for:

“The theme of the Asia-Europe Short Story Contest is travel. In this framework, what is expected from writers is not travel writing but creative writing that uses the theme travel as the premise for a short fiction. It is of particular interest for ASEF to receive stories that highlight Asian perceptions of Europe and vice-versa . This competition seeks stories that give new perspectives on local culture, identities, and traditions in the context of contemporary societies and environments.”

Make sure to enter by August 3rd and this could be YOU floating Sunset Boulevard-style in a weird jungle infinity pool:


*Not actually Leah Carri


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