Book Launch of “Your Mixtape Unravels My Heart” at Irish Writers’ Centre


My book was launched with aplomb last Wednesday in the Irish Writers’ Centre. It’s a week later and I’m just about recovering. There was wine, teeny-tiny cakes, and a SUPER FANTASTIC BONUS RAFFLE. Jack Harte made a wonderful speech, as he is so adept at doing, and I read the first story from the collection, Ship Out on the Sea.

I was nervous beforehand and had been having recurring nightmares of NOBODY showing up, so I was delighted with the turnout. Thanks again to all of my friends, family, and general well-wishers who took the time to come along and help me celebrate. Thanks also to the amazing staff at the Irish Writers’ Centre, especially to Fergal for setting it up, and to Andrew Rattigan for all his help on the night, and for giving me a great title suggestion for my next book: “Your CD Short-circuits My Hard Drive”. Genius.

launch_family[Me, my mum and brother.]

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a soft spot for a raffle. Ever since winning a bottle of Power’s Whiskey in the Guardian Angels National School Easter raffle at the tender age of eight, I’ve been unable to resist the allure of the salmon-coloured ticket. So, I decided to incorporate one into the launch. Everyone who bought a book was automatically entered into the SUPER FANTASTIC BONUS RAFFLE and each of the prizes was based on one of the ten stories in the book.

raffle [3-D Glitter Pony & Other Lesser Miscellaneous Prizes]

A special thanks to Maureen O’ Connell, who took charge of book sales and divvying out the raffle tickets like a total boss:

Launch_Maureen&Mo[Me and Maureen O’ Connell]

We went for a few drinks to celebrate afterwards in The Black Sheep. Here we are looking relatively civilized before it struck “Czech Inn O’ Clock” and things went inevitably Zaytoon-ward.


[Me, Bridget Deevy, John Murphy and Colm Bairéad]

The book is now available from Kenny’s Bookshop in Galway and The Winding Stair in Dublin. Or you can order your copy here and I shall send it off to you on its merry way post haste.


2 thoughts on “Book Launch of “Your Mixtape Unravels My Heart” at Irish Writers’ Centre

  1. Congrats maire great achievement,I will order my copy tomorrow when I can dig out the old bank card . hope it gets great feedback for you and opens lots of doors and wallets, looking forward to the read, sorry I didn’t know about it before I did my Christmas shopping anyway give John a kick in the shin for me love eithne x

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