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dog reading books dachshund professor.jpg-500x400Skin, Paper, Stone has received some new reviews in the last few days. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into writing a review so I want to say a massive thank you. It’s lovely to get people’s subjective response to the book and it’s interesting to see how each reader has focused on a different element of the book which has appealed to them.

Laney Lenox of The Galway Review describes the sense of place in the book:

“In Máire T. Robinson’s debut novel, Skin, Paper, Stone, Galway becomes a character, transcending its place as the setting and interacting intimately with characters, their daily lives and actions influenced directly by the city itself.”

Author of White Feathers, Susan Lanigan, focuses on the prose style:

“What stands out about Robinson’s novel for me is the unfussy and humorous prose. It never gets in the way of the story it’s supposed to tell…”

While Bleach House Library‘s Margaret Madden had this to say about the plot:

“This is not just an average story of boy meets girl or friend becoming foe.  It’s a story of cause and effect. How a new friendship can change your perspective on life, how your goal posts can shift as the days and weeks progress. How one persons idea of love is another’s nightmare.”

You can read the reviews in full here:

The Galway Review

Susan Lanigan, Goodreads

Bleach House Library


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