Blogger & Author Dublin Meet-up


What’s the collective noun for book-lovers?

A gaggle, a stack, a TBR pile…?

Whatever it is, a bunch of us such types got together at 37 Dawson Street on Saturday to discuss books… and plot world domination.

As everyone knows, such plans are best fuelled by tiny lil’ cakes with book decorations on ’em.IMG_0448 (1)

The event was the brainchild of J.B Johnston, Linda Green, and Carmel Harrington who had attended meet-up events in the UK, and wanted to create something similar in Ireland.

37Books Doreen & Mo

Myself and Doreen Finn, photo taken by J.B Johnston

It was a great chance for me to meet and chat with fellow writers Doreen Finn, Liz Nugent, Janet Cameron, Muriel Bolger, Denise Deegan/Aimee AlexanderMartine Madden, and Sharon Thompson who runs the #writerswise forum on Twitter.

I also got to meet bloggers extraordinaire, the aforementioned  J.Johnston and Linda Green, as well as Trish Hannon, Kate Moloney, Danielle Kerins, and Amanda Horan.

And, it was lovely to finally meet Margaret Madden who does so much to champion Irish writers, and who kindly reviewed my novel Skin, Paper, Stone on her fantastic Bleachhouse Library blog when it came out last year.


Photo taken by Kate Moloney

Hopefully, this will be the first of many such meet-ups. There’s plenty more characters to be discussed, books to be swapped, wine to be drank, and teeny cakes to be eaten…



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